ThreaFa Tight ® I Needle Hub (PDO threadlift)

" Thread lift is one of the most popular aesthetic procedures worldwide. The ideal facial threading has the best efficacy, the fewest complications, and ultimately, the highest patient satisfaction. Evidence-based  study strongly suggests that the ThreaFa Tight ® needle-hub threading series provide a much  effective,  much safer and long lasting alternative to current procedures especially for high-risk populations."

" Not only to correctly plan how many threads to use  and where,
but also to minimize irregularities and complications."
" Even for highly skilled surgeons there's defenitely a technical learning curve" 


Mastering the power of facial rejuvenation: ThreaFa Tight® for
Needle Hub Thread Lift (NHTL)

Wen-Hsien Ethan Huang, MD*

 IMCAS Presentation:

Background: Nonsurgical facial rejuvenation is the Holy Grail of aesthetic surgery and has stimulated a decades-long, if not centuries-long, search for innovative techniques. The elimination
of surgical drains and shorter surgical times has made this a true boon for plastic surgeons as well as many other surgical specialists. The evolution of thread lifting techniques and their application in the field of aesthetic procedure is now in its third decade. PDO threadlift was originally developed in Korea to change the classical oriental round face into a western V shaped face, perceived to be more attractive. However, less clear are the data on the extent of 
the peak correction and the longevity of effect. Thread lifting has not been conclusively standardized to ensure superior clinical results.

Methods: This study was intended to determine the role of for Needle Hub Thread Lift (NHTL) under evidence-based medicine, particularly in accurate delivery of PDO threads. The research method involved the conceptualization of NHTL and the development of an innovative surgical instrument for thread lifting. Clinically, 240 patients for facial underwent this procedure.

Results: The major findings suggested that NHTL exhibits promising clinical results and offers a superior guideline for thread lifting. Details of the technique and theoretical implications are also discussed.

Conclusions: The therapeutic effects of NHTL and the long-term clinical results of patients for facial indicated satisfactory outcomes. Based on the results, NHTL offers an alternative option to
surgeons for performing thread lifting and provides a more favorable option for the benefit and welfare of patients by reducing the potential complications. The cosmetic purpose of this novel device should be clinically investigated in long-term studies.


Keywords: NHTL; ThreaFa Tight; facial rejuvenation; PDO

Why ThreaFa Tight ® I Needle Hub? 10 Reasons:

1. Cutting-edge threadlift needle hub system
2. User-centric approach accelerates operating processes
Double(East & West ) views included   
4. Standardized professional  performance
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Improving business continuity & pt satisfaction
Unsurpassed technical support and reliability
8. Indispensable tool in precise aesthetics 
9. Local presence supported by global vision
10. The coming era of Needle Hub Thread Lifting (NHTL)



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